Atlantis Gaming Corporation





President/CEO: Donald L. Bailey – A business graduate and football letterman from Tulane University in Louisiana with over 30 years experience in business management and architectural computer design and development. Mr. Bailey founded Atlantis Gaming Corporation (AGC) as well as Atlantis Internet Group (ATIG) a casino management corporation consisting of online and traditional gaming executives. These executives in ATIG serve as a think tank for the gaming industry.


Mr. Bailey specialized in computer design with past clients such as Mobil Oil, Walt Disney Corporation, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and other Fortune 500 corporations. In 1996, Mr. Bailey utilized his computer and management experience and created one of the first Internet Casinos introduced on the Internet ( Over the years, Mr. Bailey has been known for his innovative ideas and designs.


As a pioneer of Internet gaming software platforms, Mr. Bailey is the original designer for all Atlantis products and designs ranging from numerous Internet Casinos, Web Directory Assistance (an operator assisted search engine technology), Good-as-Gold (an online ATM), Casino Gateway Network (an Online Gaming System), to Architectural Casino Hotel Designs & Development. To his credit he developed an architectural design that received numerous awards including an exhibit at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans, Louisiana titled “Amphibious Community Design” (a totally self-sufficient floating community on water aka one of the first barge-based casino designs).





Donald Bailey