Atlantis Gaming Corporation



Amelco provides various tech solutions to numerous different companies, some have the full sportsbook offering, others use us in varying capacities. Amelco offers expertise established from the banking sector and develop solutions for pricing, trading and execution platforms.


We offer bespoke or whitelabel products, some also opt for the hybrid model where they take the whitelabel solution and add their bespoke functionality on top, with our knowledge and team we have been able to provide reliable and market leading software solutions to the financial and sports betting world.


We have also recently moved into the US arena and from a compliance perspective, we have a licence to operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and applying for Colorado and West Virginia. We are also GLI 33 compliant for online wagering system and in the process with GLI 20 for retail, which again is imminent.



BetConstruct provides affordable yet comprehensive and cutting edge solutions for gaming businesses at any stage in their development, removing barriers to industry entry and profitable expansion. BetConstruct believes in a diversified gaming market, where all operators have transparent access to the tools and the support necessary to achieve their desired level of growth and success.




Some of the latest unique products in Casino Technology’s portfolio include ARCH™ slot machine, the COMBO™ gaming concept, GAMOPOLIS™ multigame series, HOT ROD™, THE BIG 5™ suite of systems. All those products were created with a vision, with a heart by the team and with the belief that we can redefine the gaming.


Today, MegaJack is still played in many countries. GAMOPOLIS™ is widening its popularity every day crossing borders and stepping in new continents. ARCH™ had become the new trend setter in slot cabinet design. THE BIG 5™ was amongst the pioneering solutions in omni channel delivery.


The company is getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary and establish the ground for the next milestones in our road ahead with an inventive spirit, bold and temperamental attitude, and the passion to bring our vision to reality.




ZEUS PLAY was born in 2012 in the city of Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. A young game developer company with a long history of gaming on its DNA as its founders have more than 20 years of experience in the gaming sector.


ZEUS PLAY offers a game portfolio of more than 50 high quality games which includes a variety of video slot, lottery, jackpot & bonus games for online casinos, land based establishments and betting shop corners.




WEBE Gaming is a brand licensing and private equity investment holding company specializing in casino gaming and its related verticals. Founded by Pioneer gaming executive John J. English (our President & CEO), the company leverages decades of “insider” experience and profit-generating expertise in the sector.


The company provides high-asset pathway for gaming investment that removes the complex barriers-to-entry normally associated with the sector. We mitigate risks by spreading the investment across a portfolio of independent high-investor-value companies and verticals.